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Great day at Hopstock!

All was a bit of a worry, with

the predicted 55mph winds threatening our never used before P.A., but all went well. I used extra super glue on my wig. (I would have used Gorilla glue but it sticks to the fur). G

reat hospitality from our kind and lovely hosts Joss Ridley and Linda, and great support from Peter Cavanagh, Tina, and even some new friends. Steve Bearpark, (master sound engineer and production technician extraordinaire of general and Brentwood Theatre fame) even turned up, and actually approved of my P.A mix; a compliment indeed! The speaker stands remained standing despite the sometimes unnerving gusts of wind (sorry about that) and the occasional head from a pint of beer was whipped past at 60 mph, like a damp migratory albino moustache, (not a phrase you will ever see again. I hope). I soon spotted how to avoid that ... stick to the headless 7% cider.

The food was excellent, the superb “Huffers” (check out The Compasses Inn site) were excellent as ever. They even inspired a poem on the way home. “ A Man who believed he was tougher, had 36 pints and a Huffer; when asked the next day, “are you feeling O.K?” , he said “**** me; I’ve never felt rougher”. Sadly I am only capable of such subtle and emotive poetic heights after the fine ciders of The Compasses. I did say I would keep away from FB for a bit, sorry to re-intrude with all this, but it was a Good Time, and should be celebrated, if only by me. Oh! And BIG thanks to Liam Mccabe for the loan of the monitor, which saved me using my vintage Marshall Amp as foldback. Everything about me is becoming vintage sadly. I console myself that I am just like a fine wine... I often get drunk, and should be kept in a cellar.

(That isn’t true, but I sacrifice my sober reputation for the sake of a joke. Well, ..almost a joke. ) I suspect this is bordering on over indulgence…as with the cider… I shall bugroff now and do something more useful, like dig up some potatos for lunch. I just hope the farmer doesn’t spot me. If you have been, then please continue to do so. I had to nurture a family of neglected leverets last week; that was a Hare raising experience…. © Au revoir mes amis! ( exit stage left, pursued by a sticky Gorilla ...)

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