A brief history

Steve O’Kane - so far.


Steve made his first appearance at the Blackmore Folk Club in Essex, performing traditional folk songs in harmony with Fiona McBain. Here he began  writing his own songs, since when he has established a fine reputation for his poetic, well-crafted lyrics.

Overheard by Dennis Rookard, of B.B.C. Radio Essex, he was invited to appear on the Radio show hosted by Dennis and established singer/songwriter Rick Christian.

Steve has since appeared on various B.B.C. Radio shows, and has performed at many theatres and festivals in Essex, Kent, and Norfolk. Along with Fiona McBain he supported Ashley Hutchins, of Fairport Convention fame, as well as Blair Dunlop, The Acoustic Strawbs, Dave Swarbrick, Mike Silver, and many more.

He is now a member of both The Performing Rights Society and The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

In the year 2000 one of his poems, “Passing Stranger”, a tribute to those who have lost their life to war, was published in a collection of “Poems For Peace”. Passing Stranger is now a  “project in progress” as a song to raise funds for charity


Various aspects of life sadly put a long stop to progress, Steve is currently working on a new album of songs and a poetry collection, collating works both old and new, and working on “Passing Stranger”.

To further promote these and future ventures this new web site is dedicated.


Some comments from various festival and club organisers in regards to Steve’s work:


“Thoughtful, emotional, and articulate; poetic and diffident; he sings for us all”

Sue Cubbins, Sound Archivist. E.R.O.L.S.


“Steve’s emotive songs and guitaring always pull you into the mood and meaning he wishes to convey”

Brian Lynch, Essex Folk News Magazine.


“Philosophical and thought provoking; great song!”

Dennis Rookard, B.B.C. Radio Essex. (Reviewing “Sunflowers”)