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"Passing Stranger"
A few years ago one of my poems, “Passing Stranger”, was published in a collection: “Poems For Peace”.

The poem was inspired when I saw a young couple and their child playing beside a war memorial, but seemingly not really "seeing" it. I imagined the ghost of one of those named on the stone yearning to speak to them, and what they might say. “Passing Stranger” was the result. I have now released it as the song you can listen to here. I hope you will enjoy listening, and, if so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could give support by way of a donation to download the song for your collection. A % of any profits are to directly help an ex-soldier and family member who’s health is suffering.  The basic download is £2; if anybody is fortunate enough to give a little more there is the option to do so.    Many thanks!  Steve.

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In the coming months I will be developing the web site further, and hope to record more songs in 2022.

Many thanks.

Steve O’Kane  xx

Recorded and mixed by Isi Clarke

Mastering: Michael Cockerham, Syke Lane Audio.

Steve O’Kane: Vocals, Faith Venus guitar, Fender Precision Bass, Harmonica, Eggs, Keyboard.

Dave Jackson: Drums, percussion, and Ndjuka.

Fiona O’Kane: Backing harmonies.

“Please To Remember Us” Ghost Choir: Isi Clarke, Neil Cousin, Fiona O’Kane, Steve O’Kane

Words and Music S. O’Kane

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