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This is the new home for my songs, poems, blogs, and other projects that I have in the pipeline. Please feel free to explore, comment, purchase, and subscribe.

I must begin with an explanation of this first, slightly different, special page.

The Passing Stranger Project

A few years ago one of my poems, “Passing Stranger”, was published in a collection: “Poems For Peace”.

The poem was inspired when I saw a young couple and their child playing in the shade of the local war memorial. Innocently absorbed as they were, I felt that the true significance of the memorial was perhaps lost to them. I then imagined the ghost of one of those named on the stone emerging, yearning to communicate, and the two verse “Passing Stranger” was my attempt to voice what he or she might have said.

I have now converted the poem to a song of the same name; the song with which I launch this site.


If you are so good as to purchase a download, (though I hope of course that you will do because you like the song anyway) it is my intention, once the costs of recording have been covered, to donate a % of monies raised to charities that aid the victims of war, and also to directly help an ex-soldier family member who’s health is suffering. 

The basic price of a download is £2, for which I will of course be more than grateful, but if anybody was fortunate enough to be able to give a little more, or is inspired to do so, there is that option too.

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I am not a registered charity; there are no tax breaks available with regards to any monies paid for downloads. These are purchases of my song, but I am sure those who know me will trust me to honour my stated commitment.

Any future songs that I post here will be “normal marketplace sales”, to enable me to record and post other songs/poems and survive generally as an artist; never an easy thing. 

In the coming months I will be developing the web site further, please contact me below with your email address if you wish to be kept up to date with new releases/blogs/poems/etc. 

Many thanks.

Steve O’Kane  xx

Passing Stranger Credits.

Recorded and mixed by Isi Clarke

Mastering: Michael Cockerham, Syke Lane Audio.

Steve O’Kane: Vocals, Faith Venus guitar, Fender Precision Bass, Harmonica, Eggs, Keyboard.

Dave Jackson: Drums, percussion, and Ndjuka.

Fiona O’Kane: Backing harmonies.

“Please To Remember Us” Ghost Choir: Isi Clarke, Neil Cousin, Fiona O’Kane, Steve O’Kane

Words and Music S. O’Kane

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